1. Instructor and Teaching materials - "Mandarin Connection Ltd" will provide one instructor per class. All regular teaching materials that will include: text, audio-tapes and supplementary teaching aids are included for beginner and early intermediate level classes.

  2. Reschedule or cancellation - Tuition will be provided at the dates, times and location as specified in the class schedule. Lessons may be cancelled or rescheduled, due to severe weather conditions or other unforeseeable cause. Information for rescheduled classes will be posted on www.mandarin-connection.com.hk

  3. Make up session - If a student cannot attend a scheduled class he/she shall be entitled to apply for a 30 minute make up session. Make-up sessions are charged HK$100. Make-up classes are conducted by any "Mandarin Connection" instructors.

    "MANDARIN CONNECTION LTD" reserved the right to alter or discontinue this policy without prior notice.

  4. Tuition fee - The client shall pay tuition according to the following schedule: 100% of total course fee must be paid in full 7 days before the starting date of the class.

  5. "Mandarin Connection" does not guarantee that the client will achieve any level of Mandarin language proficiency upon completion of the course. The client hereby waives any right to claim for reimbursement of any tuition payable to: "Mandarin Connection Ltd." "Mandarin Connection Ltd" shall only be obligated to provide tuition at the dates, times and location agreed with the client under this Agreement. However, in the event the clients' instructor is late for or fails to attend a scheduled class under the "Terms and Conditions", the client shall be entitled to have either tuition in kind or pro-rata reimbursement for tuition not rendered for that particular class.

  6. A fee of HK$100 will be charged for any bounced cheque.

  7. "Mandarin Connection" reserves the right to make any alterations about the programme/course that are considered to be necessary without prior consultation. MC also reserves the right to cancel a programme/course if there is insufficient number of enrolments. All enrolled students affected will be given notice of any such changes.

  8. Except for unsuccessful applications and programme/course cancellation, programme/course fees paid are not refundable.

  9. In the case of discrepancies between the Chinese and English version, the English version shall apply and prevail.

Terms and Conditions are herein written above.