Mandarin Connection introduces Nightlife Mandarin. Learning Mandarin has never been this fun or easy!

You can now learn Mandarin in a social environment with ample opportunity to practice with others who share similar interests and professional background.  Learning Mandarin is as easy as picking up a drink.

Here's what our facilities look like:


:: Greetings in Mandarin
First impressions can make or break your first meeting with someone new, so make it your best with the right greetings!

:: Introduce yourself in Mandarin
Get to know people and let them know you.

:: Count in Mandarin
Exchange phone numbers and establish a link. Or share your favorite Mark Six numbers.

:: Ordering a drink in a bar
Impress your friends by buying them drinks.

:: Going shopping
Make your shopping trips to China hassle free!!

:: Talking to taxi drivers
Be in control behind the wheel, while relaxing in the backseat.

:: Dining in a restaurant
Tickle your taste buds with dishes you've always wanted to order.

:: Introduction to Cantonese vs Mandarin
Feel like a local, blend in using everyday slang.


  Level: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced
  Duration: 1.5 hrs per session / once a week
  Total Hrs: 12 hours (8 sessions)
  Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm
  Place: 6/F, The Landmark
12 Ice House St, Central, Hong Kong

For enquiry, please contact Mandarin Connection:
Tel:  (852) 2540 2225
Fax: (852) 2562 1117
Web site:

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